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Includes a 14" x 11" framed certificate of ownership signed by both the cat, Jimmothy
Neutron, & the cat owner, William Osman. No actual pieces of cat are included.

About Jimmy Neutron the Cat

Seasoned Watchcat

Jimmy Neutron is single-handedly shifting the way we view cats’ role
in home defense. When he was only 2 years old, Neutron captured an
intruder as the home-owners watched on defenseless. The offending
bird later went on to be convicted for murdering a family of six.

Award Winning

Every year in the Osman-Neutron household, an award is given to the
“Best Boy” of the house. Jimmy Neutron has won this honor for 12 years
running. Even more impressive as he is only 3 years old.

The Leading Name

A name worth investing in. Jimmy Neutron has been consistently searched
and discussed on the internet for the last 20 years. Outperforming his owner,
William Osman, by 6912% on average.

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